John Cassaday – December 2012


john cassadayJohn Cassaday was born in 1971 in Fort Worth, Texas. Like most comic creators, Cassaday got his start working for independent publishers, and they were Boneyard Press (Flowers on the Razorwire) and Caliber Comics (Negative Burn).

From there, John found work doing some Ghost covers and eventually penciling an entire issue of Ghost (#27) for Dark Horse Comics. His next gig found him penciling an annual for the Teen Titans at DC Comics. He was next wooed to Marvel with the help of Mark Waid (who noticed John at a previous convention) and they worked together on a project entitled Kazar: Sibling Rivalry.

Soon after, Homage scooped up the talented artist and John’s next assignment was Desperados. For the next while John went back and forth and worked for both Marvel and DC’s Wildstorm working on limited-series’ Union Jack and X-Men/Alpha Flight (Marvel) and penciling The Planetary for DC’s Wildstorm imprint.

Things kept moving forward for the talented artist and he was then asked to pencil the relaunch of Marvel’s patriotic icon Captain America for their Marvel Knights imprint. But perhaps the defining moment in John Cassaday’s comic career occurred when he became the penciler of Marvel’s  X-franchise comic book, The Astonishing X-Men, written by Joss Whedon.

In 2012, Cassaday returned to Marvel as the artist for the flagship series of the Marvel Now relaunch, Uncanny Avengers, alongside writer Rick Remender.

More news can be found on his Facebook page.