Simone Bianchi – May 2013


simone_02Simone Bianchi was born in 1972 in Lucca, Italy.
After working with the most prestigious Italian publishing houses, including Bonelli, Phoenix, and Comic Art, he created a number of painted CD covers for heavy metal bands such as Vision Divine and Labyrinth (Metal Blade and Noise records), and these were highly acclaimed around the globe.

In 2000, while teaching at the International Comics School in Florence, an exhibition of his works lead to the publication of “Echi” (Echoes), his first official portfolio. In 2001, Simone worked with Direct2Brain, the best-known Italian 3D design Company; he helped contribute script, storyboards, character design, and scenic design for video clips for various artists. In 2002 “The Art of Simone Bianchi” was published by Pavesio Productions, a major Italian comics Publisher.
In 2003 he painted 44 full color pages for the first hard cover volume of the “Ego Sum” trilogy, a sci-fi saga which Simone also wrote, again for Pavesio Productions, and this was released in January 2004 in various European countries.
In 2005 he painted a cover for Sal Abbinanti’s ATOMIKA, and the second issue of EGO SUM was published. Simone also then did art for the DC miniseries, SHINING KNIGHT, with scripts by Grant Morrison, and at the 2005 Rome Comic Convention, Simone was rewarded with the “Yellow Kid” award as best Italian Comic Artist and Writer of the year.

Simone then created covers for a number of DC series, including GREEN LANTERN (from issue #7 to #13), BATMAN (from issue #651 to #654) and DETECTIVE COMICS (from issue #817 to # #839), and the interior pages for GREEN LANTERN #6, written by Geoff Johns, and some X-MEN UNLIMITED covers for Marvel. In October 2005, his third Art Book, ONIRIKA was published by Pavesio Productions and debuted at the Lucca Comics Convention, for which Simone painted the official poster.

In February 2006, Simone signed an Exclusive Contract with Marvel, drawing six issues, including the landmark 50th issue of WOLVERINE, and after renewing his contact in 2007 he agreed to draw Warren Ellis’ ASTONISHING X-MEN from #25 to #30, also tasked with redesigning the X-Men official costumes.
He drew the covers for WOLVERINE ORIGINS from issue #21 to #25, four variant covers for X-MEN MESSIAH COMPLEX, the cover for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #555 and the painted cover for WOLVERINE PREMIERE, published by Panini; he painted the official Mantova Comics promotional poster and the DARK REIGN: FANTASTIC FOUR #1 cover, plus the ULTIMATE ORIGINS #1 and #2 covers.

In 2008 his ASTONISHING X-MEN Trade Paperback sold out its entire print run, and reprinted with a brand new cover. Simone then drew the covers for GHOST BOX SPECIAL #1 and #2 and the WOLVERINE ANNUAL.

In 2009, Simone drew all six covers for DARK AVENGERS X-MEN: UTOPIA, and the first three covers for DARK X-MEN, then, together with Jeph Loeb he created Wolverine’s new enemy, ROMULUS, the first character created by Simone. ASTONISHING X-MEN was published by Panini, and following this he drew a variant cover for THOR: DEFINING MOMENTS GIANT SIZE #1 and for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #622.

In December, his works are simultaneously parts of 2 exhibitions: one taking place at the Museo di Palazzo della Penna and the other at the Galérie du 9ème Art in Paris.
In 2010 he drew the covers for DEADPOOL AND CABLE#25, FRANKEN-CASTLE #19 and #20, DARK WOLVERINE #88 and #89, and WOLVERINE ORIGINS, from issue #47 to #49.

He did all interiors and covers for the 6-issue miniseries THOR: FOR ASGARD, written by Robert Rodi. After that, he did several covers for BLACK PANTHER: THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR, FROM #513 TO #520.

In 2011, after working on a few covers for AGE OF X-UNIVERSE, he did a miniseries written by Rob Williams, FEAR ITSELF: UNCANNY X-FORCE. During ComicCon, his works are exhibited at the Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego.

In 2012 he was back at work on WOLVERINE for a 4-issue story arc, from #309 to #312. At the same time, he very proudly collaborated with a Hollywood film company by visualizing several characters designs for a movie production.

Through 2013 he worked on the 5-issue mini series THANOS RISING, describing the Titan’s first years and entire life, on script by Jason Aaron. In April, a personal exhibition of his works took place at the CArtGallery in the historical center of Rome.

Between 2013 and 2014 he works on Jonathan Hickman’s script for “New Avengers”, for issues #13, #14 and #15.

His site can be found online here. He is also on Twitter.