1. Do you purchase comics?
    1. No. At this time, we do not have a budget for purchasing any comics or other collectibles.
  2. Are you hiring?
    1. No. As a small business, we cannot afford to take on additional employees. We are not accepting any applications or resumes.
  3. What is your return policy?
    1. Our policy is that all sales are final. We will allow individuals who’ve accidentally purchased duplicate issues, to trade them out for another book of equal value, on a limited basis and provided the original merchandise is still in sellable condition.
  4. Why do you have cats in your store?
    1. Because we like them.
  5. Can you order a comic/graphic novel that I’m looking for?
    1. Only if it is still fairly recent and if it is available from our Distributor. Comics go out of print within several months, but graphic novels are usually available to order at any time, and can be in your hands in roughly one week.
  6. Do you sell Comicon tickets?
    1. We have done so in the past, but are not currently doing so. All Comicon inquiries should be directed to the website of the Comicon. We will not have any information other than they can provide. Please consult their website before inquiring to us.
  7. Do you sell on consignment?
    1. Absolutely not. For us to do the work involved in selling a product, all revenue generated must, by necessity, go towards paying the considerable costs involved in running our store (ie: rent, utilities, payroll, etc.). Additionally, we cannot assume any responsibility for loss or damage to your merchandise.
  8. Why don’t you carry…(Gaming stuff, Manga, Pokemon, etc?)
    1. We stick primarily to comics because that is our area of interest as well as the subject we are most knowledgeable about. If we were only in business for the money, we might as well be selling insurance, and no one wants to be doing that.
  9. What is the meaning of life?
    1. 42 (duh!)